Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surrounded by Imbeciles

Okay, so I never use that phrase out loud. My kids have never heard me say the "I"word. But I have thought it. Like the other day when I called to find out how one qualifies to buy the discounted Teacher/Student edition of Adobe's Lightroom Photo editing program.

The website says that some homeschoolers qualify. Reviews on Amazon said that some people have had to return their Teacher/Student edition because they could not prove sufficiently that they were a Teacher or a Student. So I wanted to find out how I qualified before I spent a lot of time trying to qualify and then end up taking it back.

The regular program is$249. The Teacher/Student edition is $79. 

It was worth the call to find out.

So I talked to 4 different people who had to refer me to other people who they thought would know more about how a homeschooler would qualify. I really just wanted to talk to the person who made the decision when I sent my stuff in as to whether I qualified or not.

I ended up with lots of people speculating on whether I would or would not.

Which wasn't helpful.

Finally I talked to someone who told me that all I had to do was to send them a copy of my paystub.


Yes, the paystub you get from whomever pays you to homeschool your children.

So I very carefully explained.... I homeschool my children which means that they are not enrolled in a program but that I teach them at home.

He then carefully explained to me that I just needed to send them the paystub from the government or whoever else it was that paid for the books and paid me so that I could homeschool my children.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (that was me laughing hysterically) No one pays me. I buy my own books. I buy my own supplies.

He then explained that if I didn't have a paystub, he had no idea how I would qualify.

But it says on your website that some homeschoolers qualify? WHO? HOW?

He couldn't tell me. The conversation went in circles at that point. No one could tell me how to qualify. Then he told me maybe I had a teacher friend with a paystub who could buy it for me.


But the winner of my award goes to the cable guy who came out to re-run a cable line from our attic to the office. He spent about 30 minutes going around the whole house and looking inside the attic.

He then took me out to the garage and explained to me how he was going to drill a hole through the roof of the garage, run the cable up to the top of the roof and then drape the cable on top of the roof (of my 2 story house) all the way over to the other side of the house, run it all the way down the 2 story brick wall and then he was going to drill into the brick right outside the office.

I politely told him NO and then proceeded to help him figure out how he could run the cable through the house.

And at that point, I almost said my little phrase out loud. Ya know, he probably needed to hear it. Him and the government who doesn't pay me to homeschool my kids.

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  1. How did I miss this? I mean, I remember the Adobe thing. And the cable guy thing. . . but this post? Missed it. Love it. :-)


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