Monday, May 20, 2013

Thankful for the Plates

So someone was asking me the other day how things were going. I explained that I really feel like life is kind of chaotic right now.

I compared it to feeling like each area in my life is a plate that I'm keeping spinning. When everything is going just right, I can do just fine. But when things start getting rough or someone gets sick or things are not going like I planned, I feel like I could just drop all the plates at once.

I won't bore you with an unabridged list of all my plates but it would start out with laundry, homeschool, cleaning the house, kids, being a good wife, .... you get the picture.

I've decided since it really isn't an option for me to drop the plates, that I really need to focus on how thankful I am for each one. Because even though everything seems crazy and chaotic and I feel like I can never fully get my jobs done, I am so grateful for the children who make it crazy and chaotic and keep me from every fully getting anything done.

In the midst of everything it's hard to picture that one day it will just be me and my man again. And I'll probably be spinning a whole different set of plates.

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