Monday, July 15, 2013

My Kids Learned A New Word

From me.

That's right.

It wasn't one of those words that I really preferred that they hear. It was more of one of those words that you would use in high school or college, but once you have little ones, you decide that it's not something your really want to hear coming out of a toddler's sweet little mouth. And so you make a conscious effort to guard your tongue.

And yet, I said it.

Right in front of all of them.

The kids were sitting at the table and I was helping them with some math. My sweet baby girl walks into the room, puts her head on my lap, and proceeds to throw up all over me. And my clothes. And the floor.

Was my word justified? Maybe. Maybe more appropriate had it come from the other end.

Oh well.

(If it makes you feel better, Mom, it was the C word not the other one)

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