Friday, July 25, 2014

The Mom Patch Club

I really don't think childhood actually prepares one for adulthood.

As a kid, you are in Brownies and Girlscouts where you can complete projects and get badges to show that you accomplished something. In AWANAs you can memorize verses and complete sections of books to get patches to show that you accomplished something. Even in high school, you can get a school jacket and fill it with patches to showcase your accomplishments.

And then you grow up.

And become a mom.

And guess what? No patches!

Honestly, there are days where I work and work and work and when my husband comes home it's difficult for him to discern what I did all day. Because even if I took the day to do all the laundry, there is ALWAYS more laundry. And if I cooked and prepared food, there are always hungry people to eat it all.  It doesn't matter how many rooms I get cleaned and organized, I can never get the entire house clean and organized at the same time.  And you can't see quality time spent with kids. Most weeks I have nothing to show for all the hours I've put in.

So I've decided that we should start a Mom's Club where we all earn patches!!!

Brilliant, I know.

So how it would work is that you can earn a patch for almost anything. These would actually be virtual patches that you give to each other. You just need to find another friend or two who wants to join you. Then you can text them and say, " I just barely made it through the day. It was crazy, I sent all my kids to their rooms and I'm sitting in my closet eating chocolate chips."  So your friend will say, "Great job! You just earned a 'Stressful Day but I didn't Kill any Kids Patch'".

Or if you see that your friend just ran a 5K and placed 2nd in her age group, you just text her and say, "Great Job! You just earned your '5K 2nd Place Patch'."

The other day I started making Green Monster Smoothies for the kids (kale, spinach, almond milk, vanilla, strawberries and blueberries) and was so proud of myself that I went ahead and just gave myself a 'Green Monster Smoothie Patch'.  Ha!

See, it's easy and encouraging and you feel like you are getting recognized for your accomplishments. Even if all you did was just survive the day.

If you need to go ahead and earn a couple patches, just post a comment with what you did and I'll give you a patch.

The truth, I've actually been doing this with a couple friends for several months, and it's pretty fun. Or I'm just easily amused.

And you just earned a 'Daisy Girl Blog Patch'. Good for you!

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